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How It All Began


The LPGA (Ladies’ Professional Golf Association) started the program in 1989 to introduce girls 6-17 years old to the game of golf. The LPGA and USGA partner to offer grant funds to sites around the country on an annual basis. Greater Newark Girls Golf (GNGG) is a program of Renaissance Junior Golf, Inc. Our local partner is Union County who supports the program through in-kind contributions. All adults except for the PGA professionals are volunteers.

Dr. Beverly Harrison, founder and Site Director for LPGA*USGA Greater Newark Girls Golf, was introduced to golf in college.  For 36 years she served as a labor attorney and direct report to the presidents of a university and two colleges of the State University of New York.

In her retirement she works as an arbitrator and mediator when she is not golfing, and she is active in several professional organizations. As a United States Golf Association Committee member her duties include, but are not limited to, the promotion of junior golf programs. 

In the early 1990’s her golf club, The Lady Drivers, sought a charity to support. They were introduced to Renaissance Jr. Golf, Inc. (RJG), a 501©3 organization formed in 1994, by Walter Frye and a group of minority businessmen from the Greater Newark area. Its mission was the expansion of opportunities for inner city and minority youth to learn the game of golf for either recreational or competitive purposes utilizing a comprehensive and structured approach that includes discipline, etiquette, integrity, and golf fundamentals. She was impressed with the program and eventually volunteered with RJG on a regular basis.  In 2005, encouraged by Ron Brown, attorney and one of the founders of Renaissance she applied  to the LPGA and established the LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Greater Newark.
Dr. Harrison’s commitment to the program was solidified when a female junior golfer (Lauren Braswell) in RJG described her to a third party as the only female coach in the program. “That comment encouraged my continued participation as a volunteer and confirmed my dedication to provide female mentors for the program.”

LPGA*USGA Girls Golf (Girls Golf) is the only national junior golf program that specializes in providing girl-friendly environments for juniors to learn the game of golf.

We’re the experts in making the game of golf fun, and we teach more than just stance and swing; we teach girls valuable life skills like effective oral communication, confidence and perseverance.

Each of the 500 Girls Golf sites help prepare girls ages 6 – 17 for a lifetime of enjoyment of the game while also inspiring them to feel confident, build positive self-esteem and live active and healthy lives through The Five E’s of Girls Golf.

We’re on a mission to change the face of the game . . . join the movement and help us inspire even more girls through golf! #LittleGirlsBIGDreams