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GNGG Achievements in 2024

Our site has been represented on the Girls Golf National eLeader Board of Directors for the past two years! Aishu was on the eLeader Board in 2023, and now Nitya is a part of it in 2024!


Our eLeader Aishu just graduated high school! She's off to Wellesley College this fall to study cognitive and linguistic sciences on the computer science track.


In the Spotlight!

Olivia is a passionate golfer who has been dedicated to the sport since the age of 6. She was introduced to golf while attending golf summer camps, and her fascination with the game was sparked by the sheer thrill of driving the ball. A 10th-grade student at Montclair High School in NJ, Olivia, at 16, juggles her academic commitments along with her profound passion for golf. Olivia has excelled on the Montclair High School golf team and was recognized as the most improved player this year. Olivia stated that joining Girls Golf of Greater Newark has been a rewarding experience, and she has been inspired by the achievements of former participant of Megha Ghane. Olivia values the friendships and support from other girls who share her dedication to golf.



Aariya and Naisha are 13-year-old twins and avid golfers who have been playing golf since they were 10. They graduated from middle school this year and will be attending McNeer High School in Jersey City in the fall.  Both Aariya and Naisha excelled in middle school.  They are active members of the New Jersey Honors Society, volunteer at the local public library, and are participants in both Girls Golf of Greater Newark and First Tee of  Essex County. In addition to golf, they have been swimming for six years. This summer they will attend the LPGA Leadership Academy and eager to broaden their horizons and make new connections.



Giuliana, an eleven-year-old golf enthusiast who attends Saint Vincent Martyr School, just finished 5th grade and is looking forward to entering 6th grade this fall. With six years of golfing experience under her belt, Giuliana recently achieved a major milestone by breaking 100 on the golf course for the first time. In addition to excelling academically with all A's, she actively contributes to her community by volunteering to cook for the homeless and preparing food for the elderly.  Giuliana’s participation in Girls Golf of Greater Newark has not only honed her golfing skills but has enabled her to form strong bonds with other girls, making it a significant part of her life.



Milania is a seven-year-old golfer who has been passionately playing golf for 2 years. She excelled  academically in first grade this year at Holy Trinity School and has also embraced  the world of Girls Golf of Greater Newark. Alon with her commitment to the game of golf, Milania enjoys swimming, cooking, and gardening with her mom. With a love for building friendships, Milania continues to thrive both on and off the golf course.


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